How To Learn Data Science In 90 Days?

To become a successful data scientist, a mixture of skills is required. Data science is a dynamic field with a ...
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How to negotiate your salary for a Data Scientist role?

7 Ways to Improving Your Data Science Job Offer in 2021In the rapidly expanding data world of today, Data Scientists ...
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How to Effectively Showcase Real-world Projects on Your Data Science Resume?

Succinct project descriptions are a must to catch the eye of a recruiter As an up-and-coming data scientist, one of ...
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Ace your next Data Science interview

In this post:I will talk about the data science interview process and the questions that were asked based on my ...
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How To Get A High Paying Data Science Job?

The question is: Do you have the right skills to provide value that companies will be willing to pay for? ...
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As a Data Science mentor, I’ve always dealt with beginners having trouble in finding their first job. Even though we ...
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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a unified platform, wherein it brings together all the customer data from different sources and ...
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Are ineffective job search strategies stopping your success?

Job search is hard! No surprise there. For most people, job search is difficult. Why does job search tend to ...
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Why You Need AI-Powered Chat Bot For Your Website?

When prospective clients go to another website or close their web browser (or switch to another website), you lose profits, ...
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7 Ways Technology Can Improve The Customer Experience

A top-line customer experience is a key to business success. It is the goal of every company, but in today's ...
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