Take Control of Your Career

Learn How to Supercharge Your Career, Grab Your Dream Job Placement, Boost Your Salary by 2X & Get Faster Promotion 🚀🚀

Manoj Gupta, Founder of Rethink Career Hub, decodes the top 3 career scaling secrets and demonstrate how to implement them through a simple step-by-step process and examples for Magnificent Career 🎯🚀

Supercharge Your Career –  Take Control of Your Career & Boost Your CTC

  • Date:           Sunday, Aug 22nd 2021  

  • Time :          5.00 PM IST

  • Venue:         Zoom Online Live Event.

  • Duration:    Two (2) Hrs.


Since 2019, we have helped hundreds of students and working professionals create career road map, reinvent their careers, find their Strengths, make big career changes, follow their passion, find clarity & develop confidence, and most importantly find their happiness and fulfillment.

Career growth and development are some of the top things people look for in jobs. The leading benefit that Millennials (and many others at work) want in a job is the opportunity for career growth and development. Learn More by reserving your spot below!

Supercharge Your Career💯

✨ As a working professional, Do you feel a constant fear of being fired looming over your head every second of every day?.

✨ Do you keep grinding at work with no plan or scope to climb up the ladder? Do you wish that you could just accelerate your career?

✨ Do you lack a clear career progression path and stuck in your current job without any definite goal, progress and minuscule Salary Hike?

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️If yes, rethink your career and power this up, with the 3-step “DESIGN YOUR CAREER” blueprint and skyrocket your career! Join my live session Supercharge Your Career –  Bootcamp Webinar!🚀🚀

💡 The 3-Step "Design Your Career" Blueprint addresses all the challenges and provide a step-by-step guidance to supercharge your career & land in dream job! 🚀🚀 Want to learn more? Join us at our next webinar. Click the link below 👇
🎇Believe me when I say I know exactly how you might be feeling in your career. Held back by the system, anxious about being replaced – Trust me I have been there.❗
✅ Learn how to develop an owner’s mindset, optimize for impact, become a master influencer, and create your own career opportunities―to skyrocket your career.🚀🚀

How You Can Drive Your Own Career Growth and skyrocket your career. Learn More by reserving your spot below!

Empowering the Next Generation Of Leaders!

What Will You Learn?

Power-Up Your Career with a Simple 3-Step Design Your Career Blueprint and Potentially Increase Your Salary 2X or More in less than 90 Days..🚀🚀

success, stairs, determination

The 3-Step Strategy Smart Professionals Use to Transition to Their Perfect Job, Finally Get Paid What They’re Worth & Get the Recognition They Deserve 💡💡

A step-by-step plan for professionals to master their career: get promoted, get the raise, or transition into a whole new job…without sacrificing even one dime of income

  • Do you have whatever it takes?
    Invaluable employees are not born, they are made. The ability to succeed is not an innate talent. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle anyone can adopt
  • Do you have audacious career goals and no idea how to take the first step?   Despite having earned a degree or two, have you found it hard to transition from theory to practice and make things happen in the “real world”? If so, you are not alone.
  • Learn how to develop an owner’s mindset, optimize for impact, become a master influencer, and create your own career opportunities―to skyrocket your career.
  • Why just ‘working harder’ is a first-class ticket to staying stuck in a job, and the secret to working smarter in a way that gets your real contributions recognized and richly rewarded.
  • ..how to do all of this without playing office politics, working more hours, staying late, or pretending to be someone you’re not.

Who is this workshop for?

This is For Anyone Who Works or Intended to Work in a Salaried Position🎯

Engineer Students
Looking for a great career opportunities in Top Notch – Multi National Companies (MNCs) and to grab a dream job with a 6-Figure starting Salary (₹10 Lakhs Per Annum and Above)🚀
Campus to Corporate

Working Professionals

Working Professionals having 2 to 8 years of working profession or IT experience and looking for a giant leap in his career progression and increase the salary by 2x or more..📈

Scaling a new Height in Corporate Parlence
Project Managers and Leads
Who want to climb up the corporate ladder in one-third of the standard time and skyrocket their careers, command the salary you deserve
success, growth, walk
Get There Faster!
Mid-Level Working Professionals
Who want to model Career Branding through a detailed structured course laid out to help the professionals identify, create and promote their Career Brand
Career Branding

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Meet Your Career Coach

I am on a mission to help 100,000 freshers &  jobseekers become Career Ready!💯

I’m Manoj Gupta, a Global Career Coach and Mentor

This Is What My Students Have To Say

The session was very useful. The trainer Manoj Gupta has a vast experience in the Corporate world. The trainer explained us various ways by which we can enhance our visibility in the job market. Some of them are by improving our presence in LinkedIn, improving our resume by specifying the customer value that we had achieved by applying our skills. The trainer also provided many tips on how we need to market and sell ourself so that we remain competitive in the job market. I recommend this session to anyone who would like to get noticed, improve their skills and communication and attract better job opportunities in the job market.
I come with 17 years of experience in IT field and was of opinion that I might know most of the stuff and would be repetitive for me. It turned out to be complete surprise for me. It gave many critical, important and interesting insights on how to prepare and progress in your career. This course is totally worth and will open your eyes.
It was an amazing experience, I had so much learning and innovating, I learnt alot about myself and understood so much about co-operate culture and also what happens at the backstage of hiring because Sir’s incredible experience over the decades. Thank you sir!

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